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The Asian Association for Sports Management Conference 2010: Kuala Lumpur

The 6th annual Asian Association for Sports Management Conference (2010) is being held October 14-16, 2010 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

According to their website, the theme for the conference is: “Best Practice in Asian Sport Industry: Managing Changes, Embracing Differences, Forging Alliances.”

The conference is looking for the follow abstracts (they are still accepting submissions if you have any).

  • a. Managing Changes in Sport Industry: Lessons for and from Asia
  • b. Unity in Diversity: Best Practice in Global Sport Management
  • c. Forging Alliances: Bridging Asian and Global Sport Best Practice
  • d. Training for Trainers in Sport Management Education and  Sport Performance (Mass and Elite Sports)
  • e. Sport Participation Programs : Promotional and Sustainability Factors
  • f. Community Sport and Social Cohesion Experiences in Enhancing Sporting Culture
  • g. Issues and Challenges in Asian Sport Business

The format of submitted abstracts can be oral (25 minute presentation, including a 5 minute discussion) or a poster presentation (90 cm x 120 cm). They may cover either completed research or on-going research.

For more information on the abstracts, you can refer to this: Abstracts Explanation . For more information, including registration information, here is the MASMA website.