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The Second Coming of Boston Sports Blogapalooza

As you may recall, I wrote a recap of a networking event geared towards Boston Sports Writers and Bloggers back in May. If you forgot, you can read it here: Blogapalooza Recap. Well, good news is here. It’s coming back. Blogapalooza was such a hit the first time, scoring sponsors like NESN and Dirty Water TV, that it couldn’t be just a one time thing.

Saturday, November 6th, Blogapalooza is coming back. It will take place at the Baseball Tavern in Boston. Definitely something you want to attend if you are in the Boston area, or even New England. It’s free, you get to meet tons of people, and you get to talk sports and blogging.

If you are interested, feel free to join the Facebook fan page here: Boston Sports Blogapalooza. Definitely check that out. More information with constant updates are available on the Facebook fan page.

Just a teaser, according to our Producer Joe Gill, it is rumored that some major New England media outlets are interested in covering Blogapalooza. Stay tuned for more information.

On a site note: I will now be a contributing writer at Boston.SportsThenAndNow.com. I will be doing a sports business column and will alert my readers at DSportManagement.com anytime I make a new post on Boston Sports Then and Now.


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