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Recommended readings for sport management and business professionals

Here are a few readings I would recommend. Some of these I have read in school and others I have read in my free time, but regardless, they are all useful resources and can teach you valuable lessons that can be applied to your career.

  • The Game Starts Here – Lewis Howes  (“How to take your career to the next level in the sports industry.” I couldn’t find a link for this, but the book is contributed to by the authors at SportsNetworker so you can check that site out as well)
  • Linked Working – Lewis Howes (This book is all about using LinkedIn to further your career. I threw this one in there because I cannot stress enough how important being on LinkedIn is for any professional, regardless of their field)
  • Good to Great – Jim Collins (Can help companies that are already in existence improve their practices, along with help set up companies for success)
  • Crush It! – Gary Vaynerchuk (Great all-around book, written about wine production, yet contains so many direct connections to the professional world. Useful for improving personal practices and learning to self-promote and further your business)

Enjoy! If you have any suggested readings, leave them in the comments section. Hope you find these useful!

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