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The Sports Executives Association

I recently joined the Sports Executives Association (SEA), which I highly recommend. This is an interactive community of people interested in sports business, which can provide you with valuable opportunities to network and exchange information. The site is run by Lewis Howes, who also owns SportsNetworker. According to Sports Networker, these are the things you will receive upon joining (again, this is taken DIRECTLY from Sports Networker):

  • The Sports Sales Mindset Blueprint
  • Membership to the SEA at an introductory rate
  • How to Take Your Career to the Next Level in the Sports Industry: Ebook
  • One ticket to the inaugural SEA members only event in NYC
  • Instant access with other sports executives in the members only forum

Within the first two weeks you will also receive:

  • The Online Sports Networking Mind Map
  • Sports Sponsorship Guide
  • Live Q&A Call

The site is great and it’s cheap. At just $10 per month, you can’t really go wrong. It’s a great way to facilitate relationships with other sports business professionals and exchange information quickly and easily. Want to join? Here is the link, as I would highly recommend it.

Sports Executives Association


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