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A few social media sites

Recently, in an attempt to “get connected” I have been joining social media sites left and right. I have accounts in Google, Yahoo, Youtube (dansullivansm), Twitter (@DanSullivanSM), Tumblr (Dan Sullivan), Reddit, Digg, Scribnia, StumbleUpon, Facebook and LinkedIn. This is pretty overwhelming, but what is the benefit I get with these?

Some are most useful than others, as some are phasing out. Look at Myspace. It is primarily used for music now, acting as a place where artists can promote themselves. Myspace was the biggest thing happening just a few years ago and now it has significantly dropped off the map. Facebook added something like 200 million new users last year, according to Business Week. They are expanding at an extremely rapid pace. For professionals there is LinkedIn, similar to Facebook but a different mindset. Twitter seems to be more catchy amongst the older generation yet it is a crucial tool for anyone involved in business.

Digg, StumbleUpon and Reddit are places where you can submit content for other people to come across. This is a great way of getting noticed but just how useful are they? I once heard a statistic that of StumbleUpon users who come across a site, the average time they spend on it is under five seconds. That is useless if I am trying to gain readers. Digg and Reddit are sites where you can rate different articles and sites that are submitted. This is useful, as long as people are seeing yours. When there are thousands of them submitted daily, your site can often be lost in the crowd. Scribnia is similar, however, the author is what is rated, as opposed to the site itself.

Using these social media tools is time consuming but is it helpful? Weigh in your opinions in the comments section. What do you feel is the best site for promoting your site? What is your favorite social media site?

  1. May 21, 2010 at 5:55 pm

    Thanks for joining and for sharing Scribnia.

    I hope you find it helpful. We are similar to digg and reddit in that all rankings are decided by users. Instead of focusing on specific content however, we focus on writers.

    If you have any questions, just let me know!

    David, Scribnia

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