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The Business of Sports Awards

Every spring, “The Business of Sports” gives awards to the most prominent personnel in the sport business industry. These awards are given to people who have the best content, those who have made an impact on the industry, and those who have just entered. Here is the link for the nominees:

The Business of Sports Awards

I personally have looked into many of the nominees listed and my personal favorite is Lewis Howes. He runs a website called the Sports Networker, which is a very interesting site regarding sport, media and networking. It was nominated as one the “Best Sport Business Blogs.” They list several other blogs, which I would definitely suggest looking into. They are all informative sites that can help further your professional career if you have the ability to utilize the information.

They have awards for the Best Sports Business Blog, Best Sports Business Twitter Account, Best Sports Business Content (Company), Best Sports Business up and Comer, Best Alternative Sports Business Content and People’s Choice (Sports Business Social Media Contributor of the Year).

For those of you with Twitter accounts, I would definitely suggest following these people who have been nominated. Twitter is a great way to get information in an easy manner, along with share your own opinions. I personally follow most of them and find they provide great articles and information, which I find useful in my daily life and in my drive to further myself in the sport business field.

Visit the website and check out the nominees. I would definitely suggest looking into the different people and sites, and see what help they can be for you in your own professional career.

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