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Why Americans dislike soccer

Soccer (football) is the single most popular sport in the world. In the United States, however, soccer has failed to become very popular. I have my own ideas of the reasoning for this. It does not come down to publicity, but rather the nature of the sport.

People in the United States love exciting, violent sports. Some of the most popular sports in the US are american football, hockey, basketball and baseball. Baseball is one exception, but basketball, hockey and football are extremely physical sports. Lacrosse and the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) are two other up and coming sports, constantly growing in popularity, which are also very physical.

Soccer can be looked at as one of the least physical sports, when compared to these others. Most people assume it is not physical, however, a soccer fan can see that it actually is. Slide tackles can be extremely violent, sometimes resulting in graphic injuries. In any sport in the United States, injuries are taken very seriously. People do not act injured or pretend to become injured throughout the course of play. Soccer, on the other hand, is very different.

People, in my opinion, don’t like soccer because there are constantly stoppages in play for injury. Watching a game can be extremely frustrating when players embellish injuries in an attempt to get a call from the referee. Faking injuries is not part of the game in the United States, and seeing people fake injuries in soccer leads to stereotyping soccer players are babies or wimps.

I personally am a huge soccer fan and find the games to be very exciting. I also find it very frustrating to watch games in which players ‘flop’ to try to get calls. This usually doesn’t accomplish anything but slowing the game down. I feel like pulling my hair out seeing a player fake an injury and rolling around on the ground, as if they will lose their leg in the near future. Once they realize they aren’t getting the call, they get back into the game as if nothing happened.

They are taking away from the excitement and fast paced aspects of the game of soccer, which gives the game a bad reputation. Soccer will not gain popularity unless there are less players faking injuries. A rule change where players are penalized for faking injuries could be one solution to the problem, however, it seems to be very ingrained in the game. Here is a video of soccer players faking some injuries. Come to your own conclusion.

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