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Recap of the New England Revolution home opener

Gillette Stadium

On Saturday night, after the career fair at Gillette Stadium, all attendees to the Sport Management and Entertainment Lecture and Career Fair received complimentary tickets to the New England Revolution’s season opener against Toronto FC. The game, the environment and the weather were all great.

The game started off slow, as Toronto had a 1-0 lead at halftime. The Revolution picked it up, however, as they managed to score four unanswered goals, including a hat trick by the Rev’s Zack Schilawski. The game and environment were both exciting and the fans were into it. In the section behind the home goal, it was packed with excited fans who were chanting, banging drums and singing. Their enthusiasm is exactly what has been missing from professional soccer in the United States for years.

There were groups of men who were walking around with huge drums, banging them, chanting and getting the crowd riled up. It was exciting and they were able to keep the fans into it, even as the Revolution were losing. All the fan enthusiasm worked, as the Revolution were able to take the lead and pour it on. They finished the game with a 4-1 win.

Rev's game

The organization has done a great job creating a positive environment at the games. There were families, young children and people of all ages attending. It was great to see lots of people sporting Revolution attire, showing support for their team.

After the lecture, I had been thinking about business techniques and how the organization is run, rather than the athletic aspects of the game. I began to look around the stadium to see tons of advertisements. They were well placed along the sidelines, for optimal viewing potential. There were also large advertisements throughout the stadium. They have done a great job of acquiring sponsors, which I’m sure was no feat with the athletic success of the Patriots organization.

The stadium is very well made. I am a Patriots fan so I have attended games there before. A fan can sit anywhere in the stadium and be able to see the field, which is a great design. The inside of the stadium is very easy to navigate. They have well placed bathrooms and the availability of food is never ending. They have tons of choices and the food is good.

The overall experience was great, and the game was much more exciting than I had thought it would be. I definitely would recommend going to a game.

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