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Random question of the day

You are an employer, working at a job fair. At these job fairs, you are working for a large company which receives many applicants. At a given event such as the one you are working, you get 100 resume’s during the three hours you are working. It is going to be very time consuming to look through each and every resume and you are pressed for time. Here is the question:

How would you react if an applicant handed you a resume printed on lime green, orange, yellow, pink or light blue paper? (keep in mind this applicant is fully qualified for the job at hand, with a great resume)

From the applicants perspective, the name of the game is making your resume stand out. The resume is great, but when printed on white paper it could be lost in the sea of others, which just may be brushed over, so you decided to try to get the attention of the employer with something a little different. The colored paper is meant to get the attention of the employer, enough that they will read the resume and remember the applicant.

A little food for thought. Leave your response in the comments section!

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